Sasfin Bank

Sasfin Bank Teambuilding Event

Sasfin Bank were recently at Kyalami Karting Circuit for some teambuilding. Before going out for some wheel to wheel racing everyone sat down for some lunch, the braai meat was done to perfection and once everyone had finished eating we had drivers briefing.

Driver Briefing is just to explain the karting rules, the what not to do’s as our karts are capable of reaching speeds of close to 100km/h with the Hoffman 270cc 4-stroke engine.

The racing was competitive throughout the two endurance race with the team driving kart number 1 taking first place with a healthy four lap lead. We never remember who comes second as with racing no matter who’s driving it’s about Winning or is it?

Well done to everyone from Sasfin Bank as you guys drove very well and kept the racing clean.

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