Samsung Team building Event

The track had a successful day with the Samsung corporate function. The day started with Coffee, Tea and Breakfast Platters to delight those delicate taste buds and then off to a conference room kitted out with draping for the rich and famous.

Kyalami Kart Circuit (KKC) had arranged the conference room and provided the Samsung Team with all the necessities required for a successful conference which will prove well for Samsung’s 2012 financial year and them retaining their no one sales status.

Next came the karting and wow the Samsung boys went wild, after drivers briefing we had some close racing and the finish was less than 3 seconds apart for first and second places and that was after 2 hours of karting.

The guys were now exhausted and needed something to fill up those hungry tummies and so they we brought out the spit and served up peoples favourite meats with salads and just to finish it off some ice cream.

The guys had so much fun afterwards with talk about the karting and who was really the fastest drivers they ended up only leaving Kyalami after 10pm Friday night.

Thank you Samsung, we will see you at the end of the year

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