Rental Karts


Rental Karts

Rental Karts are an ideal way to test your skills, as the next generation racing driver or if you are looking at doing some corporate team-building. Our karts are capable of reaching approximately 90km/h which, when put into perspective is like driving a supercar. The reason for this is the low centre of gravity and superb handling of the latest generation racing chassis coupled with a 270cc 4-stroke Honda engine.

Rental Karts are available for the individual driver to enjoy himself, all the way up to large corporate and private functions. This is what motorsport is all about and at Kyalami Karting @ Zwartkops, we offer you one of the best race tracks in the country coupled with REAL racing karts. Rental Karts are offered 7 days a week but are only available when there are no booked events on those days. All Sundays are kept available for the arrive and drive enthusiast.

The Rental Karts

Kyalami karting @ Zwartkops is one of the only outdoor tracks to offer you REAL racing karts with 200cc 4-stroke Honda engines which can reach speeds of up to 90km/h! It feels fast, like driving a supercar at about 220km/h!

The rental kart is an ideal way to test your driving skills as the next generation racing driver, or if you are looking at doing some corporate team buildings.

These karts (not the go-kart as those are the garden variety) are similar to those used by professional racing drivers to hone their skills. The karts are manufactured in Italy and we use them so that you get to experience what it feels like to drive a real kart. Most Formula 1 drivers used karting to cut their teeth, when forging their career in Motorsport.

We begin all events with a drivers briefing, which covers all aspects of rental kart driving and safety. We will explain the layout of the track including the breaking points and we will advise on the best cornering techniques.

Rental Karts Costing (Current Specials)

R250 – 15 minutes and on average a lap is completed in 1 minute.
R420 – 30 minutes and on average a lap is completed in 1 minute.
R750 – 60 minutes and on average a lap is completed in 1 minute.

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Bring 4 friends and you drive for FREE * normal rates apply for them.