Kyalami Race Track Auction-Kyalami Kart Circuit

The Kyalami Race Track aution has come and gone and a big thank you to Mr Toby Venter from Porche S.A. for keeping the legacy of the race track going.  Kyalami Kart Circuit is still in operation as we have been for the last 13 years. We look forward to hosting many more corparate funtions, birthday parties,bachelor parties and go kart enthusiasts.  Kyalami Karting Circuit has hosted many corporates from a minimun of 6 people to our largest being 1900 people. Keep us in mind when booking your company christmas parties or just wanting to give your staff an awsome teambuilding experiance. Driving our karts you could be able  to reach an average speed of +-70km per hour on the Kyalami Kart Circuit track which is just short of one kilometer in length. The Kyalami Kart Circuit sales team look forward to hosting your next teambuilding event


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