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Welcome to Kyalami Karting @ Zwartkops.

Zwarkops was designed by people who have been in the karting industry for many years and is one of the safer outdoor rental tracks in South Africa.

Professional karts are not referred to as “go karts”. Go karts are usually for the back yard. Here at KKC we utilize professional karts as used on the various kart racing circuits. Kyalami Kart Circuit runs actual race kart chassis with 270cc Honda or Hoffman engines and they are ready to give you an awesome racing experience, one that you won’t soon forget!

The Kyalami Karting & Zwartkops under NEW management, consisting of The Kart Shoppe Team (Neil Curtis, Leeroy Poulter) and Sonja Piazza-Musso who manages the facility. The owners and most of the staff have a vast knowledge of the entertainment, motorsport and karting industries, and have all participated in various forms of Motorsport over the years. Leeroy Poulter is a multiple South African and World Karting Champion. Neil Curtis has race engineered five kart drivers to World Championship titles.

CONTACT US ON +27 11 466-3678 or +082 456 9773 or

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